General Assembly Minutes 2013-01-15

Attendees: Annette, Nancy,John F, Ilene, Ed, Christina, David, Coral, Bruce

First Agenda Item: Announcements:

Annette announced a protest of the new Walmart on Feb. 1, time to be announced.

Annette announced a meeting of the Activist Coalition, Feb 6, 6PM, at Maudes

Second Agenda item: Wage Theft task Force

Christina reported that the commission meeting went really well, and that there need to be two more hearings before the County Commission approves the Wage Task Forces suggestions.

Third Agenda item: O. G. Light Brigade

Annette reported that John F. has ordered materials such as LEDs, signboards spending approximately $120 so far, and Christine suggested that John F. could be reimbursed from funds he has already collected and that he would provide accounting of costs.

Fourth Agenda item: Signs

Funding was approved for Annette to buy poster boards, and paint, to be reimbursed by Denise. David F donated $10 toward the cost. Also Annette will buy some chalk.

Fifth Agenda Item: Occupy the FBI

Annette suggested we ask Walton to write a press release and/or flyer

Annette said that Attendance needs to be organized and that we will call the list to ask about participation.

Ed said he would work on media contacts in Jax. And possibly live stream if hot spots are available

Annette said that logistically we will need a driver to shuttle people back and forth from the parking places to the protest site.

Nancy suggested everyone bring cell phones especially cameras with video capabilities.

There was discussion of the need for gas money and funds for food . Nancy suggested that $300 be disbursed by Denise for this purpose, and the group consented unanimously.

Christine suggested we have an GA on Wednesday to further discuss and coordinate the Occupy the FBI demo.

Discussion concluding that Goeff be requested to attend The Wednesday night GA to apprise us of legal considerations.

Annette said that People from Orlando may attend the Occupy FBI demo.

The message for the demo was discussed, and Nancy suggested that we let them know we are not terrorists, we are just trying to make a living, and we want to know if we are in danger.

Annette said we should ask about who is targeting us, and is it a conspiracy to murder?

Nancy suggested making signs at the Wednesday GA

David F. suggested an alternate site if the FBI location was impractical, such as the Federal Courthouse.

There was discussion of inviting the Iguana, the Fine Print, and the gaineswville sun to come with us.

Sixth Agenda item: Annette reported that she toured the old jail which is being considered for use as a homeless shelter. She reported that she thought it had great potential, but needed roof work. She said she concluded that we should support the project.

At about 8:15 the GA adjourned.