General Assembly Minutes 2013-01-26

Occupy Gainesville - General Assembly Minutes for Saturday, 2013-01-26

Facilitator - Nancy
Stack - David
Timekeeper - Chris
Note Taker – Annette

Follow Up on Actions
Future Actions
New Business

Karen E - Planning with local MoveOn and other groups, a vigil/rally against gun violence. It is likely to be at Bo Diddley Plaza, the 3rd or 4th weekend of February. Approved by consensus that the announcement can go on the OG Fb page.
Vets For Peace meeting Wed, Feb 6th. Visitors are welcome. Non-vets can also become members.

The Radical Press Coffee Collective is having a fundraiser tonight and again on Feb 23rd.

Occupy Gainesville Light Brigade: Chris reports that the event last Monday for MLK day went very well. A good turnout of Occupiers produced the message: MLK RESPECTED WORKERS, which looked outstanding. The next day, Annette took letters to the regular Vets For Peace Tuesday protest and they spelled out END THE WARS on the very busy corner of University and 13th St.

Arrest Cases: Annette was told by Geoffrey that a conference call is being set up by Judge Jaworski for Monday afternoon. This call with be between the judges and the attorneys in the case. It may be that they are coming back with a ruling or it could be that they are addressing Geoff's second request fro discovery concerning planned surveillance of the protesters. Either way, this may indicate that a ruling is coming up soon.
Follow Up on Actions

Occupy the FBI. Annette recapped the very hectic 10 days of planning for this event. All agreed the action went VERY well, with participation from Occupy Gainesville, Occupy Jacksonville, Occupy Daytona and some other supporters. There was strong group effort with Zot and Coral providing lunch, Walton writing press release, Annette sending it out, Chris painting signs, Ed working on media, Ilene scouting parking and restroom locations, Alex and David covering the parking and chaperoning of vehicles, and Geoffrey and Tom legal-observing as members of NLG. Everyone shared the event on their pages and the rapid spread of this event on Occupy pages was an amazing thing to watch. Brit from Jax shot a good bit of video. The event was covered by First Coast News and the segment ran at 6pm and 11pm that day. Alex and Willie have searched the First Coast News site for the video without finding it. The possibility that it could have been suppressed was noted with the pledge to "get the link or make a stink!" Willie spoke of Jacksonville FBI office having a history of intimidation and over-reaching their authority in Gainesville going back 40 yrs to Co-Intel Pro days. Everyone expressed satisfaction with the event.

Future Actions
FBI/DOJ ? Members of both Occupy Gainesville and Occupy Jacksonville said that believe that this is an important time to be keeping the FBI's misdirected efforts in the news. Three days after our protest in front of FBI HQ in Jacksonville, as luck would have it, PBS Frontline ran it's documentary called "Untouchables", an investigation into why the Department of Justice failed to bring any fraud charges against Wall Street criminals. The following day, Lanny Breuer, the Chief of the DOJ who was featured in the film, stepped down from his job. The PBS report asked many of the same questions that we had painted on our protest signs. We still want these questions answered. It was agreed that a Working Group will be formed with participants from both groups to develop a follow - up action involving a meeting with FBI administrators about these issues. Research must be done, questions listed, and a written statement of some kind created. Chris will set up a discussion page for working group members to use. Admins will be needed. Willie volunteered to be one. Some expressed hope that Geoff would also be an Admin on this page.

Wallmart Grand Opening Protest
Nancy suggested that we consider postponing the protest for now. After taking a public beating due to policies which keep workers in poverty, Wallmart has launched a PR campaign, including an effort to hire more veterans, buying more goods made in America, and promising more transparency in it's employee practices. Zot and Chris expressed concerns that their true behavior was not changing, just they're words and the unfair practices would continue - also, if now is not the time, when is? Willie pointed out that veterans will also be monitoring their claims. It was discussed more and agreed that we would follow the lead of the organization Our Walmart and join in with their next call for action. Proposal - Cancel protest for now. CONSENSUS REACHED.

Next Light Brigade actions Chris expressed that there is more need for announcing actions in advance. We should get the schedule of the Vets For Peace regular protests. Nancy says participation is good and could be better once we have more letters completed. The next 2 wordays will be this Wed from noon- 5pm and Saturday time tba, at Callie's workshop. Proposal: next message be "Occupy Gainesville". CONSENSUS REACHED.