General Assembly Minutes 2013-02-09

General Assembly Minutes 2013 - 02- 09
Facilitator - Chris
Stack - Nancy
Time Keeper - Ed
Note Taker - Annette
Light Brigade
Recent Expenses
Vets For Peace
Court Cases
General Discussion
CMC has 4 bands playing tonight starting at 8 pm
Chris put up the Fundraising page for the Nancy /Daughter Reunion
This Sunday at noon is a Light Brigade Workday at John's garage.
OGLB Display - Th Feb 14th , Pedestrian Bridge at 7 pm
OGLB Display - Fri, Feb 15th, UUFH, from 7pm - 9pm

OG Light Brigade
Chris had put up a page for proposing and voting on the OGLB message for Valentines Day. The messages "No Rape is Legitimate" tied with "Respect Women" and the next favorite was "Stop the Violence". Ilene had suggested working on the additional letters needed to spell the first one and then is time runs out, go to the 2nd one, which we already have the letters for. It was agreed. Annette suggested a heart shape would be nice to tie in with Valentine's Day.
Next Workday - Sun at noon at John's.
The site of the next display will be the pedestrian overpass on South 13th Street on Th, 2/14 at 7 .
Then, the next night, Fri Feb 15th at the V-Day Concert for Peaceful Paths at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship 7-9pm. Local music in support of Proceeds to Peaceful Paths.
For the OGLB working group contacts - Chris cannot make calls each week, Nancy is not available for extra meetings, but can do some reminder calls. It was decided that the next workday will also serve as a meeting for the group.

FBI/FOIA Working Group
Nancy explained the history of the FBI issues. Nancy reported that she and Chris talked by way of Skype to Willie and Alex of Occupy Jacksonville. It was decided that project work could be divided between the groups. OG will focus on researching and submitting FOIA requests and OJ will work on setting up a meeting with the FBI in Jacksonville. Nancy has spoken to the research librarian downtown, who will be pulling together some information to get started. We will be filing requests for info relating to us individually as well as a group.
Michael C and Linda are also interested in helping with this project. Willie and Alex will report on the working group meeting at their next GA. The next Skype may be held at the CMC.

Recent Expenses
GA previously approved $300 for the expenses involved in the Occupy the FBI protest in Jacksonville. Annette reported - we spent $100 by reimbursing $20 ea to 5 drivers, $84.90 on printing flyers and buying paints, markers, and foam boards for our signs, and approximately $100 on food for the tailgate after-party. This leaves a remainder of $15.10 which Annette will turn in to Denise to be deposited back into the OG account.

Veterans For Peace Meeting
Annette attended the monthly Veterans For Peace meeting this past Wednesday, along with John Fullerton. The group of about 20 people covered everything going on in town that relates in any way to peace activism. John gave a report on the OG Light Brigade. The group approved reimbursing some expenses toward making some letters, since peace messages are a part of what we do. Annette gave a report on the recent Occupy the FBI protest.

Court Cases
Chris did an excellent recap of our court case situation from the times of the arrests up to the present time. Our original Motion To Dismiss was denied and a new Motion has been filed based upon the permit that applied for. Chris was present during the discussions having to do with the permit and has volunteered to be a witness.

General Discussion
Our visitor from OWS, Doug W, expressed an interest in going to the V-Day benefit concert for Peaceful Paths and got directions. He will be going to the Forward On Climate Rally in DC next week. Nancy got his number to put him in touch with Liz who is organizing a bus trip leaving Gainesville this coming Friday. Doug attended both of the previous Climate Rallies in DC and spoke a little bit about them.
Whistler mentioned that some of the pages of NY Occupy groups have not been as well maintained lately. Doug speculated that it may be due to so many participants being kept busy with ongoing Sandy Relief efforts.
Annette said the CMC is down with our plans to put our T-shirts there.