General Assembly Minutes 2013-02-23

Occupy Gainesville General Assembly Minutes For February 23, 2013

Facilitator - John
Stack - Michael
Time keeper - Nancy
Notes - Annette

Light Brigade

Tonight - Rally Against Gun Violence at Bo Diddley Plaza. - There was some confusion about the time of this event, the conflict with tonight's GA was not noticed in time to make changes.

Wednesday, 2/27 at 5 pm. Justice for Trayvon Martin Speak Out at Bo Diddley Plaza.
TBA - Alachua Greens have obtained an advance copy of the DVD "311, Saving Japan" and will be arranging for it to be shown locally.
Occupy Gainesville Light Brigade

The next workshop day is Sunday 2/24 at John's house starting at noon. John briefly described the process of making the letters. There is still a problem with battery life and an uneven brightness on some letters. A single battery power source was discussed as a possibility. Chris is working on an inventory of the letters that we currently have. Nancy reported that, after a hectic and rainy start, the Valentine's Day display of "NO RAPE IS LEGITIMATE" went well and was very impressive shining from the pedestrian bridge. The following evening, participants displayed the lighted message "RESPECT WOMEN" at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Hall during the fundraising concert to benefit Peaceful Paths. John has volunteered to be the Keeper of the Letters and everyone agreed. The next message to be worked on is "I AM TRAYVON" for Tuesday's event. We would also like to work on the message of "FREE BRADLEY MANNING" to be displayed possibly in conjunction with a Vets For Peace demonstration.

FBI issues/ FOIA Requests
Nancy says there has been no further progress on the FOIA requests project, but it is still being planned. Nancy and Michael discussed FOIA issues. Michael stated that this is an action that can "run parallel" to the FBI protest actions. Under the Florida "Sunshine Laws" agencies such as FDLE, local police departments and sheriff's departments are required to disclosed information requested on any closed investigations. All FOIAs must be framed very narrowly on each specific name or issue and submitted separately to each agency.