General Assembly Minutes 2013-07-27

General Assembly Minutes 2013-07-27

Facilitator - Toast
Stack - Zot
Time Keeper - Whistler
Notes - Annette

Light brigade
Dreamer Defenders support
S17 - OWS 2nd Anniversary
General Discussion

Melody and Jesse visiting from Occupy Ft Lauderdale

Mon 7/29 at 9 am - Pat Fitzpatrick court date. Please come show support.
Mon 7/29 at 5pm - OG Light Brigade workshop - John's house.
Wed 7/31 at 7pm - Nancy's Turkey Slideshow at the CMC

Occupy Gainesville Light Brigade
John found a paint that works, so we now have 4 new blank signs. Zot says we would need 3 more "S"s to spell Call Special Session. Ed has a friend in NY who is setting up an Anti-Bullying groups and they want to create their own Light Brigade. Please send info on supplies to Ed for Amy. Meet at John's Mon at 5pm to work on letters.

Dream Defenders Support
Yesterday, Nancy, Zot, Ilene and a friend, George, went to Tallahassee to lend support to the Dream Defenders. The experience was Incredible. People have arrived from NY, Philly, DC, and Miami to join them. They are calling on Governor Scott to call a Special session to address 3 things: Review the Stand Your Ground Law, deal with Racial Profiling, and address the School to Prison Pipeline. We are all called on to support them and support Occupiers who support them. The Dream Defenders will be calling a Special Session of their own this Tuesday. Whistler - the next local meeting will be held at the Methodist Church. Chris - a sad situation at work, people don't seem to care. John - It takes a lot of courage for people to stand up like this. Nancy - items to gather are socks, hand wipes, and small snack foods. Zot - the sharing of food has recently been limited, but they are managing. Air conditioning is turned off every day at 5 pm, and all weekend. Washing up in the restroom sinks has been banned, and no air mattresses or sleeping bags are allowed. Foam pads like yoga pads are needed. Nancy - The Dream Defenders have their strategies and plans worked out, now is the time to listen and provide support. Videos and images are posted on OG page and also on Nancy's home page.

S17 - OWS 2nd Anniversary
Coming up on the 2 year mark. Zot says "Going into our Terrible Twos." Holy Moses is participating in the OWS working group planning their actions. They will discuss more Monday. Their themes will be Global Solidarity, TPP, and Justice For All. They will be having events the day before and the day after. Chris suggested we pick one of the themes and she liked Justice For All because of the DD actions at the Florida Capitol. S17 is on a Tuesday. We will all work on this instead of setting up a separate working group. It can be discussed at OGLB workdays also.

General Discussion
Chris said she got to see the boys while they were up north. NY was cool. John found the OG T-shirts. We'll decide what to do with them at the workshop. Chris says she feels strongly that Brandon Darby should not be welcome at any OG meetings or events. It was generally agreed by everyone that he is a paid informant for the FBI, an agitator, and was involved in setting up 2 young friends who went to prison. These facts are well documented and speak for themselves. Nancy thanked OG for helping to raise funds for her recent trip to Turkey and reminded that the slide show and talk is Wed at 7pm at the CMC. Chris reminded us that she loves us and we are family. Melody thanked us for being so welcoming and said she is inspired to be more active when she gets back home.