General Assembly Minutes 2014-02-01

Occupy Gainesville General Assembly minutes for February 1, 2014

Facilitator - Zot
Stack - Whistler
Time keeper - Pat F.
Vibe Checker - Vrinda
Notes - Annette
Keystone XL Vigil
Monday Movie Series
Homeless issues
Report on Jacksonville TPP Action
Monday Feb 3 5:30 pm - Keystone XL Pipeline Vigil. Bo Diddley Plaza
Monday Feb 3 7 pm - CMC Movie Series for Black History Month "Prince Among Slaves" presented by
Vrinda J. Shakti
Saturday 2/8 - Legicamp for Activists
Saturday 2/8 10 am - Peace Chain. Bartley Temple United Methodist on E 8th Ave.
Sunday 2/9 - Florida Earth Skills
Monday 2/10 6pm - City Commission Town Hall Meeting. Senior Rec Center
Wednesday 2/12 - City Council Community Development Subcommittee
Vigil to Stop Keystone XL Pipeline
Monday, Feb 3 at 5:30. National call to action. Meet at the NW corner of Bo Diddley Plaza. This is an all-hands-on-deck moment to send the message to President Obama that Keystone XL fails his climate test and he must reject it. On the evening of Monday, February 3rd, we’ll come together to make our voices heard.
Bring a candle. We have signs and the OG Light Brigade will have a lighted message.
Monday Movie Series at the CMC
On the occasion of Black History/Herstory Month, there will be four movies contextualizing Africa's wealth and immensity. Presented by Vrinda J. Shakti. Vrinda explains that everyone's ancient mother is African and so Black history is everyone's history. Monday 3rd - "Prince Among Slaves". Mon 10th - "Quilombo Dos Palmares". Mon 17th - "Stealing Africa". Mon 24th - "Amandla".

Anti NSA Action
A call is going out to the international community to fight against mass surveillance. The EFF, Electronic Frontier Foundation is leading the fight against the NSA's illegal mass surveillance program. So far, over 3000 groups have signed up to participate. OG will participate on Tuesday Feb 11th by changing the backgrounds on our web site and both facebook pages to the The Day We Fight Back banner. Other actions, such as an OG Light Brigade message, may also be considered.

Homeless Issues
Pat F says there is yet another delay in the opening of the shelter. The shelter will open, but everyone won't go there. He believes the city would love to shut down meals being served downtown and to shutdown the tent cities. Fortunately, their previously failed meal limit had a galvanizing effect on the community and more people are likely to respond to their next anti-homeless people actions. A few years ago, Gainesville ranked 5th in the nation for being unfriendly to people who are homeless. Although the community hs responded with a lot of aid, there is still an attitude of negativity from the downtown merchants and some others.Carol M - currently staying at St Francis House and had to give up her little dog to move there. She is eagerly awaiting the opening of the new shelter. Carol says that there are meals available every day currently in Gainesville at different locations. It seems likely that even after the shelter opens, it will not be running at it's full capacity for at least 18 months. The opening of the new shelter should not be used as an excuse for further criminalizing of homelessness by the city or the county.

Report on Jacksonville TPP Action
On Friday, Jan 31st, Elizabeth very kindly loaned us the use of the Occuvan for travel to Jacksonville to join with activists there in an action to oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal. Participants were Nancy J, Annette, Zot, John F, and Jenny L. We were joined by our Occupy Jacksonville friends and some other activists at the Hemming Plaza on Monroe street. We held signs, gave out occucards about the TPP and chalked messages on the sidewalks in front of City Hall.