Legal Information

Occupy Gainesville has been peacefully sharing the Bo Diddley Plaza since October 12, 2011. We strive to be considerate of anyone wishing to share the space with us!

Plaza Regulations and Ordinances

  • Smoking: Despite the sign(s) indicating that the Bo Diddley Downtown Plaza is a smoke-free zone, and that smoking is prohibited, smoking is only legally prohibited by ordinance within 20 feet of RTS bus stops and RTS waiting area shelters. This Gainesville Sun Article accurately reflects this. However, general respect for others who are unfomfortable with smoke is greatly appreciated.
  • Farmers Market Parking: The Farmers’ Market happens in the Downtown Plaza every Wednesday. From 2 PM to 9 PM, do not park in any of the street parking directly bordering the south side of the plaza for any period of time. You will get a ticket without a permit. Each of the local farmers/vendors also has a 10' x 10' space on the plaza by permit. If they tell you that you are in their spot, please let them have their spot.
  • Gainesville Ordinances, Chapter 18: Parks and Recreation [PDF]
  • Downtown Plaza 2009 Topographic & Boundary Survey [PDF]

Legal Information for Protesters