General Assembly Minutes 2012-10-27


Facilitator - John F
Stack - Nancy
Timekeeper - John F
Note Taker - Annette


Courtroom 1A
Black Friday Demonstration
General Discussion


Occupy Courtroom 1A Update

Occupy Courtroom 1A: Lawyers finished all of the presentation of evidence at around 3:30pm 10-30-12, and now the Judges are waiting for the State and the Defense Attorneys to file our memoranda of law and argument related to the cases. Our memoranda of law and argument are due by Tuesday, November 13. They will then review those memoranda, consider the evidence, and then make a ruling at the time they see fit. Occupy Gainesville had a lovely lunch Courthouse picnic style during lunch break from court today! Thank you all that came out and to the 3 wonderful lawyers for their time into the cases.

Occupy Courtroom 1A

Tuesday, Oct. 30 starting at 9am

The Motions to Dismiss for the cases of 30 Occupy Gainesville members will be called up for hearing before The Honorable Judges Thomas M. Jaworski, David P. Krieder and Walter M. Green for en banc consideration.

The Occupy Gainesville defendants are moving the Judges to dismiss, with prejudice, the "Trespass in City Park After Hours" cases brought against them by the Gainesville Police Department, the City of Gainesville, and the State of Florida on the grounds that their arrests and prosecution violate their constitutional rights to freedom of core political speech, freedom of peaceful assembly, due process and equal protection of the laws of the United States and the State of Florida.

Please come to Courtroom 1A to show your solidarity with dignity, decorum and respect for the Occupy Gainesville members that stood up for everyone's rights!

General Assembly Minutes 2012-10-20


Facilitator - Ed
Stack - Chris
Time Keeper - Zot
Note Taker - Annette


Announcements\G. A. Scheduling
Anniversary Party
Future Action Ideas
General Discussion

1 year Logistic Planning Meeting at The Jam

Facilitator – Chris
DJ Scribbles (aka Note taker) – Karrie

Flyers are printed and we need people to get them out.

5pm to 6pm - speaker box with power megaphone, chalk. March at 6pm with hopes to be led by Radical Cheerleaders.

General Assembly Minutes 2012-09-29

Announcements and news – 5 mins.
Open Discussion 10 mins.
Anniversary planning – 20 mins.
Proposal 3 mins.
Gratefulness and thankfulness – 5 mins.

Facilitator – Nancy/Chris
Stack – Annette
Timelord – Coral
DJ Scribbles (aka Note taker) – Karrie

Occupy Gainesville One Year JAM!

Join Occupy Gainesville Oct. 12th for a 1 Year Celebration!
5pm Meeting @ Bo Diddley Plaza for Free speech zone, chalking and MORE.
6pm March from BDP to 13th St & Univ. Ave. -Bring Signs & Drums, Noise Makers
7:30PM March to “The Jam” 817 W. Univ. Ave.
for Pot Luck Food, Live Music, Open Mic, Slide Show, Videos & MORE!

Bands to play at The JAM: Band Times and stages: Note if weather is bad ALL band will be inside
9pm: Capture Rapture Outside Stage
Video 1 Inside
10pm Eduardo Reyers Inside Stage
11pm A Parcel of Rogues Outside Stage
Video 2 Inside
12pm Rob McGegor Inside Stage
1pm Reggae RockUS Outside Stage

Pot Luck: All food can be brought to The Jam at 817 Univ. Ave from 4:30pm to 6pm there is a oven for reheating and a frig to keep items cool. Please label if items are veg or meat.

There is free parking at the Ayers Medical Plaza parking lot on the corn of Univ Ave and SW 8th Street.

Press Release:
Printable flyers:
Facebook Event Page:

Occupy Gainesville 1 year Event Planning GA

Please come to this General Assembly if you would like to help plan out Occupy Gainesville 1-Year Anniversary Celebration starting at 7:30pm on Saturday, September 29 at Bo Diddley Community Plaza in downtown Gainesville -- if it is raining, the General Assembly will be held on the steps of City Hall, just across University Avenue from the Plaza. All are enouraged to attend!

Please invite all that you think may like to attend as well. We'll see you there!

Happy 1st Birthday Occupy Wall Street

Happy 1st Birthday OWS. Occupy Gainesville 1st Birthday is Oct. 12th. Stay tuned and mark your calendars we have planning for an event for Oct. 12th in the works!

General Assembly Minutes 2012-09-15

Welcome and consensus review – 5
Announcements and news – 10
Anniversary planning – 30
Gratefulness and thankfulness – 10

Facilitator – Karin
Stack – Ilene
G/G – Nancy
Timelord – Zot
Notes – Walton
Vibes – dem dogs

Announcements and news


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