Rally Against the RNC

Occupy Gainesville is supporting this upcoming event. You are all invited!
SAVE THE DATE: Aug 24th at the CMC 433 S Main St. Gainesville, FL at 12pm to 12am Rally Against the RNC. More info here at https://www.facebook.com/RallyAgainstTheRNCGville
Stop in Aug 24th, 2012 on your way to Tampa at the CMC - 433 S. Main St, Gainesville, FL (Civic Media Center)
12pm to 12am, Lunch by Gainesville Food Not Bomb, Food and Medical Drive for Tampa FNB, Live Music including David Rovics and BONZ , Speakers, Film Screening, Sign-Making, Kids Corner, Live Radio Shows from Anarchademics and Anarchy-1, Radical Cheerleaders and Much More!

$5 to $10 suggested Door Donation

Spread the word!!
Poster files:
Color: http://www.mediafire.com/?9fnn2wxk7g95mfx
Gray Scale: http://www.mediafire.com/?6dcxvaa1vle1t10
Web Only: http://www.mediafire.com/?2tjxua5v49995rs

General Assembly Minutes 2012-06-30

Midnight GA 6/30/12 - 7/1/12

Facilitator – Zot
Time – Fred
Vibes – Everyone
Stack – Nancy
G/G – Annette
Mental Note Taker – Karrie

Midnight GA Statement
RNC in Tampa/Gainesville
Tips/Wage Cuts for Food service workers in Florida

General Assembly Minutes 2012-06-28

The GA consented to endorse the National Gathering in Philadelphia.

Tip bill news
- Concert for the Rich begins at 4pm on Sunday at Sweet Mel’s. Durty Nelly’s will host the afterparty.

The corporate puppet is in bad shape. Unless someone says otherwise, there’s going to be a bonfire at John F’s.

The Saturday GA will meet on the east side of Bo Diddley Plaza at 11:59pm.

General Assembly Minutes 2012-06-23

Direct Action
Midnight GA
Move to Amend, Tuesday’s County Commission Meeting

No times were assigned. No formal roles were assigned. We had a great time, and made a new friend. Notes by Walton. Total time: about 1:45.


Midnight GA 6/30/12 @11:59pm

Midnight GA Saturday, June 30th, @ 11:59pm. It will be a standard discussion and decision making GA. We, as US citizens and autonomous human beings, will exercise our right to peacefully assemble and discuss issues of public political concern. The GA will be held in either our Bo Diddley Plaza or if it rains on the steps of Gainesville City Hall. All are welcome to attend and participate.

General Assembly Minutes 2012-06-19

Facilitator – Chris et al
Time – Coral and Walton
Vibes – Everyone
Stack – Ed and Chris
G/G – Everyone
Notes – Walton

Rock and Egg Throwing on the Plaza – 10 (+8)
National Gathering – 10
Move to Amend – 10
Occupy Homes Minnesota Solidarity Action – 10
Tip Bill – 10 (+10)
Midnight GA – 10 (+10)

Total time – 1:28

Rock and Egg Throwing on the Plaza

General Assembly Minutes 2012-06-16


Facilitator – Karin
Stack – Annette
Time – Lars
G/G – Whistler
Vibes – Geoff
Notes – Walton


News – 5 (+2)
Legal Update – 15
GA Status – 15
Activists Working Together – 15 (+15)
SERCO Electricity Bill – 2
Midnight GA – 5
Announcements and Appreciation– 5

Total time – 1:19


Tampa is hosting regional GAs that include Occupiers from surrounding areas.

General Assembly Minutes 2012-06-02

Open discussion

Stack - Tommy
Notes - Annette

A new improved InfoBooth comes closer to reality. Tommy B - costs and design limitations to building our own. Whistler - spoke of many commercially available options. Discussion all around.
Proposal passed - Purchase a lighter, easier, durable canopy ( and maybe 2 chairs) for $200 or less, preferably from a local small business.
Annette and Gary will go shopping. The Zen Center has offered storage. A supporter named Dave, from Vets for Peace has offered to transport if needed.

General Assembly Minutes 2012-05-22

This evening at GA, we (theoretically) solved--among other problems--UF's budget crisis, sustainable energy, the enigma of happiness, the crisis of modern analytic philosophy in America, and how to keep pesky deans out of your office. (You totally should have been there.) Tomorrow morning, there will be a whole new batch waiting for us. (You probably won't be able to do anything but be there.)


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