General Assembly Minutes 2012-05-17

The main topic of discussion tonight was the info booth. No concrete solution yet, but lots of good ideas floating around--tackle boxes, dish wagons, beach umbrellas, and folding tables and chairs. We also spent some time on good ol' socializing, which we love so well. [WW]

General Assembly Minutes 2012-05-12

GA minutes lite

A group is meeting at the plaza tomorrow, around 2, to draw up short and long term solutions to the info booth situation, and develop a concrete proposal to pitch to the Lunch Box. Part of the current plan involves the dish wagon, which is MIA since May Day.

Zot distributed several photocopies of the plaza map given to her by Officer Brian. These will be photocopied and given to plaza residents.

The corporate puppet needs a new home. Move to Amend is interested in having the OG Players re-stage our skit at upcoming events.

General Assembly Minutes 2012-05-11

Roles, Welcome
Consensus review – 5
News – 5 (+3)
Announcements – 5
Group reports – 5 (+7)
Open discussion – 30 (+20)
Proposals – none
Open floor – 10
Appreciation and announcements – 5

Facilitator – Tommy
Stack – Nancy
Time – Zot
G/G – John B
Vibes – Ilene
Notes – Walton

Welcome, Toast.

Consensus review – pretty much everyone

Respect check – Tommy, Karin

General Assembly Minutes 2012-05-03


Consensual Cycling
Activist solidarity group
Anti-racism affinity group
Ideas for OG events and activities

Consensual Cycling

Do you like riding bikes? How about consent? If you answered a double “yes”, then you should probably join the Consensual Cycling group, which our GA heartily endorsed and stamped with the OG seal of approval. The group’s first meeting and ride will begin at the Midnight around 5 PM on 20 May.


General Assembly Minutes 2012-04-24


Announcements, news – 5
Discussion: the info booth/tent/canopy – 10 (+25)
Discussion: May Day – 10 (+2)
Discussion: GA schedule – 10 (+5)
Announcements, appreciation – 5


Are you looking for something you lost or volunteered to OG or SERCO? You should talk to John F—he’s got a whole bunch of unclaimed stuff.

We have a bunch of anti-GMO warning stickers, and more can be printed. Anyone interested in a stickering affinity group?

General Assembly Minutes 2012-04-17


Discussion: 12 May planning
Open floor


Rick Scott vetoed funding for Rape Crisis Services.

Tomorrow, at 6:00 PM in Turlington plaza at UF, various organizations will host a Take Back the Night rally and speak out against rape and sexual violence.

May Day is in two weeks. There will be a rally at the corner of 13th and University at 4:30 PM, followed by a march to the plaza, with festivities running from 6 – 9 PM.

General Assembly Minutes 2012-04-14

GA 4/14/12

Facilitator – Everyone
Vibes – Everyone
Greeter/guide – Everyone
Stack – Everyone
Mental Note Taker – Karrie

No agenda, open discussion

General Assembly Minutes 2012-04-10


Facilitator – Karin
Vibes – Karrie
Greeter/guide – Whistler
Stack – Dan
Notes – Walton


Roles, respect, agenda, donations
Welcome, consensus review
Announcements, news
Discussion: M12
Kairos tour

We welcomed Shawn, Cindy, and Avi


Ca$hmob at the downtown Farmer’s Market Wednesday night


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