Gainesville May Day

May 1, 2012 Bo Diddley Plaza, Downtown Gainesville, Florida 6pm to 9pm Food, Live Music, Speakers, Kids Corner and MORE!
May Day/International Labor Day, brought to you by the American Working Class, 1886

Join us for a Workers Rally with Special Speakers
and a march to Bo Diddley Plaza
Lead by the Radical Cheerleaders
Meet at Corner of 13th St. and Univ. Ave. @4:30pm
Facebook page:

Sponsor by:
Industrial Workers of the World

Live Music By:
Lars Din
Dirty Fist
No More
Scum of the Earth
Kathleen Kennedy
More to come....

Rally - Labor Party, Move to Amend

Plaza - Industrial Workers of the World, Occupy Gainesville, ISO, National Organization of Women, Gainesville Women's Liberation, Food Not Bombs, La Casita, North Central Florida Central Labor Council

Changes to GA's/ Upcoming Meeting

Attention Attention Attention!!! Starting this week (the week of April 8 to April 14) the Decision Making General Assembly (DMGA) will now be held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 6:30 pm at Bo Diddley Community Plaza. The previously scheduled Sunday, April 8 DMGA is cancelled to start off the new schedule this week.

Saturday, April 7 – The Bikers Affinity Group (BAG) will be meeting at 2:00 pm at the Bo Diddley Community Plaza.

General Assembly Minutes 2012-04-06


Algebraic modification of DMGA days
May Day
Low attendance (or, Where-the-hell-is-everybody?)
General discussion
Division in OG


All roles (except notes) – everyone (except Walton)

Decision-making GA schedule

Proposal: decision-making GAs will be held on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and we will make a concerted effort to start at 6:30. Passes

May Day

Advocate argues Occupy Gainesville trespass arrest is illegal

By Christopher Curry
Staff writer
Published: Monday, April 2, 2012 at 6:09 p.m.
Last Modified: Monday, April 2, 2012 at 6:09 p.m.

A homeless advocate arrested in October during Occupy Gainesville protests wants the trespassing case against him thrown out as unconstitutional.

A motion to dismiss filed in mid-March argued that local advocate Pat Fitzpatrick was engaged in "constitutionally protected free speech and assembly activity" at the time of his arrest.

General Assembly Minutes 2012-04-01


RRAD – 5
Consensus review, welcome – 5
Announcements, news – 10
Discussion – 5
General proposals – [none]
Announcements, appreciation – 5
Go to the Midnight


Facilitator – Denise
Stack – Karin
Time – Mary
Vibes – Joel
G/G – Coral
Notes – Walton

Announcements, news

April is national poetry month.

28 April, in Tallahassee – United Against the War on Women demonstration. Anyone interested in carpooling?

General Assembly Minutes 2012-03-27


Stack – Karin
Facilitator – Tommy
Notes – Walton


Announcements – 5
SERCO report back – 10 (+5)
Help-John-sort-SERCO-stuff break
Trayvon solidarity – 10
Open floor – 5
Appreciation and Announcements – 5
Proposals – 10


Food Not Bombs will provide food at 3PM on 1 April in protest against the escalating crackdown on food sharing.

General Assembly Minutes 2012-03-21





Thursday – on our own
- breakfast: [open]
- lunch: Annette, bean salad
- dinner: Jen
- breakfast: pancakes
- lunch: veggie tacos
- dinner: Maya, pan-Asian stir fry
- breakfast: oatmeal or grits
- lunch: salad and sandwiches
- dinner: Michelle, chilis

General Assembly Minutes 2012-03-20


RRAD – 5
Welcome, consensus review – 5
Announcements, news – 10
Groups – 10
Discussion: racism – 15 (+15)
Open floor – 10
General proposals – 5
Announcements, appreciation – 5


Facilitator – Lars
Stack – Karin
Vibes, time – John B
Greeter/guide – Gary
Notes – Walton

Lars gave our respect check

We welcomed Morgan

Karin gave our consensus review

Next SERCO Meeting 3-21-12

We will have another SERCO Meeting on this coming Wed. 3/21/12 at 6:30pm at the City Hall Stairs. Calling all Occupiers! We need people to help with many items and shifts to make SECRO wonderful for all. Please come to this last meeting before SECRO this weekend, to see what you can maybe help with. See ya there!


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