General Assembly Minutes 2012-03-16


Facilitator – Denise
Time – John B
Vibes – Karin
Greeter/guide – Ilene
Stack – Spike
Notes – Walton


RRAD – 5
Welcome, consensus review – 5
Announcements, news – 5
Group reports, proposals – 15
We-need-a-better-name-for-Marco-Polo break – 5
General proposals – 10
Open floor – 10
Announcements, appreciation – 5


Another SERCO work day at the land on Saturday

General Assembly Minutes 2012-03-13


Welcome, consensus review
OG News
Discussion: SERCO
Discussion: Identifying overnight Occupiers, and overnight infrastructure
Discussion: Occupy Gainesville Open Discussion Facebook group page
Announcements, appreciation


Facilitator – Ilene
Stack – Karin
Vibes – Spike
Greeter/guide – Gary
Notes – Walton
Time – Gary too

Albi and Lars gave our respect check

Spike gave our consensus review

South East Convergence March 23 to March 25

Occupy Gainesville invites you to the first SouthEastern Regional Convergence of Occupations (affectionately dubbed SERCO). This event was approved via consensus by the statewide Florida General Assembly on December 11, 2011. SERCO will take place from March 23-25, 2012, in the lush cypress groves of North Florida.

Occupy Gainesville commits to providing a safe campsite to host three days of workshops, skill-shares, and assemblies. But rather than setting the agenda ourselves, we invite all participants to help shape this event. We will help coordinate the planning, but you will decide the program itself, so that SERCO reflects the interests and concerns of all attendees. With this goal in mind, we propose three overlapping steps to start: 1) brainstorming and developing decision-making structures, 2) reaching agreement, 3) taking roles. These steps are overlapping, and we encourage the involvement of anyone who is enthusiastic about helping create the program for this weekend. This process is happening in part on the weekly conference calls
Calls dates:
March 12th at 6pm EST
March 19th at 6pm EST
Register to conference call here :

We are very excited about SERCO and the opportunity to develop a consensus-based, directly democratic process for our geographic region. Through this, we can build and strengthen a network of activists and occupations from the Caribbean to the Southeastern U.S.; achieve a model for more effective global coordination in the spring, summer, and the coming years; celebrate the great diversity of our cultures; and find new cohesiveness in our common aims of creating a more just, free, and sustainable world.

To be sent directions you must register with an email address you can check. You may arrive after noon Friday, March 23 to help us with final preparations. There will be some things happening Friday evening and night, but much of the program will happen Saturday and Sunday. Please plan to leave the site by 5:00 pm Sunday. We hope to help anyone with transportation issues. Please let us know via the registration or contact forms. Thanks and see you soon!

Here are some of the workshops planned for SERCO. These are tentative titles; as we get better descriptions from the presenters, we'll post them.

Why Regional and Global Networks? With Author and Activist Cindy Millstein
Solidarity, Anti-Oppression Organizing and the Global Occupy Movement
Men Stopping Rape and Sexism
Aboriginal Issues in the Southeast US
Consensus Process and Clear Facilitation
RNC and DNC Organizing
Constitutional Amendments and Occupy the Legislatures
Environmental Activism: Occupy Climate Change
Lessons from Latin American Social Movements

Some Assemblies:

Women Only GA
State GAs (Florida definite)
Southeastern Regional Assembly

Some facilitated discussions we envision happening:

Nonviolence, Diversity of Tactics, and Occupy Strategies
Camp Issues: An Exchange of Occupation Ideas, Experiences, Tools
Strategies for Dealing With Police, Assault, Infiltration, Repression

We encourage activists from our region to join this effort and help build a stronger inter community network. We already have some ideas about what such a network could mean and how to help it to develop. But we also know that growing a movement requires everyone’s participation.

General Assembly Minutes 2012-03-04


Facilitator – Cai/Kai
Stack – everyone
Notes – Walton


Open discussion
Open floor
Announcements, appreciation


BDP weekend update (via Chris)
- Friday night – 2 random fights
- Last night – cold and bitter weather, but the morning was not only dry but delicious; Karrie came to say good morning and bring a tarp, and Kristen brought coffee and donuts

General Assembly Minutes 2012-03-02


RRAD – 5
Welcome, consensus review – 5
Announcements – 5
Groups – 10
Open discussion – 10 (+5)
Spring break break – 5
General proposals – 10
Open floor – 5
Announcements – 5
Peace out - ∞


Facilitator – Walton
Stack – Spike
Time – Gary
Greeter/guide – Denise
Vibes – Michelle
Notes – Walton

Kenzie gave our respect check

We welcomed Gene

Karin gave our consensus review

General Assembly Minutes 2012-02-28


RRAD – 5
Working and affinity group reports and proposals – 15
Open discussion: local and national issues – 15 (+25)
Break from reality – 15
General proposals – 10
Open floor – 10
Announcements, news, appreciation – 10
See ya!


Facilitator – Michelle
Time keeper – Gary
Vibe checker – Ed
Greeter/guide – Kenzie
Stack taker – Spike; Tommy after the break
Note taker – Walton

Respect check – everyone

General Assembly Minutes 2012-02-24

Doc, Angelica, Coral, Kai, Lisa, and Walton held GA at Coral’s truck in the city hall parking lot. Coral and Lisa laid out a veritable smorgasbord in the bed of the truck, next to the hatchet and the hamster wheel. We hung out and talked. It was pretty cool. Laughs were had, authors were discussed, the concept of hamster porn was pondered, and we established that Coral isn’t a hippie. Other major topics of discussion included finding some land to establish a permanent encampment (based on the Tallahassee model), comfort for our sleepers, and managing personality conflicts.

General Assembly Minutes 2012-02-23





We discussed the possibility of designating SERCO crew from attendees. We more or less decided against specially-colored shirts; ideas for special insignia was also suggested.

The shirts will be black on light green and light blue. We will order 100. Karrie will check on the prices and report back.

Mark generously offered to fund the printing.


Occupy Wall Street, official press release

OWS PR working group statement on the 99% Declaration
Posted on February 23, 2012 by dana b

The 99% Declaration and its call for a “national general assembly” in Philadelphia in July is not affiliated with or endorsed by Occupy Wall Street, and the organizers’ plans blatantly contradict OWS’ stated principles.

General Assembly Minutes 2012-02-21


RRAD (roles, respect, agenda, donations) – 5
Welcome, consensus review – 5
Announcements – 5
Groups – 20
News – 10
Amorphous break – 10
Open discussion: all-women’s GA – 15 (+30)
Air-clearing break – 10
Open floor – [dropped]
General proposals – 10
Announcements – 5
Load up, roll out


Facilitator – Karin (Lars, and then Spike during open discussion)
Stack – Spike
Time – Erin
Vibes – Lars
Greeter/guide – Karrie
Notes – Walton


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