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Responsible for helping the General Assembly process to run smoothly and democratically. We meet one hour before the GA to choose roles, work on the agenda, and schedule consensus and facilitation workshops. Anyone who wishes to help the GA run more effectively is encouraged to attend or write us at the address below.


process [at]


Process Working Group meets everyday at 5:30 before every GA at 6:30. We ask that if you are interested in how the process works to please come to that meeting. We also ask that if you are interested in taking a role of Facilitator, Stack-taker or Guide (Greeter) to please come to the process working group meeting before hand.

The Consensus Process

Consensus decision-making differs from the majority vote method of group decision-making with which most north americans and europeans are probably familiar, in that it seeks to include all voices as part of the process of reaching agreement between voluntary participants.

Whereas voting by definition requires losers and winners, consensus allows all to participate in the crafting of resolution to problems, challenges, issues.

As it is used in Occupy Gainesville, the process often follows this general outline:

Proposal: a participant will raise a concern, issue, or proposal to be addressed by the group.
Ask: the facilitator asks if there are clarifying questions or concerns.
Reframe: the facilitator or participant who raised the issue reframes the proposal, given input from the group.
Discuss: participants discuss the proposal or issue.
Needs: if there are concerns with the proposal, the group identifies what needs to be addressed to achieve agreement.
Everyone: facilitator may take temperature of group, or if they sense there is enough agreement, asks if there is consensus.
Return: Proposal that didn't meet group consensus may be returned to a smaller group for further work (now that needs have been identified), and the meeting returns to the agenda.

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