Working Groups

Most of Occupy Gainesville's day-to-day operations are organized by working groups. These are smaller, open collectives of volunteers to whom the General Assembly delegates specific tasks and responsibilities. Anyone is welcome to participate in any working group, and many people are involved in a several of them at any given time. Joining a working group is the best way to begin contributing to the cause, and a great way to make some jolly new friends!

  • Responsible for raising awareness of Occupy Gainesville in artistic and cultural ways, including music, visual arts, performance art, plays, interpretive dance, etc.

    Contact: arts [at]

  • Responsible for spreading word about the movement in general, and the occupation of Gainesville in particular, throughout the community by means of flyering, door-to-door canvassing, visiting with interested organizations, hosting events, and so on. View of page here:

    Contact: local [at]

  • In order to help Occupy Gainesville provide a safe and healthy environment for all participants and visitors, Conflict & Support offers workshops and resources on topics like consent, mental health issues, conflict mediation, and active listening. This group works to facilitate the peaceful resolution of conflicts and to raise awareness of everyone's responsibility to help keep our shared spaces free of prejudice, bullying, and fear.

    Contact: support [at]

  • The direct action working group has evolved as a kind of hub for coordinating non-violent marches, demonstrations, speak-outs, and other events. Occupy Gainesville participants organize into event or campaign-specific affinity groups and work with and through the direct action group for those events which will become Occupy Gainesville actions. There is a process for getting an event sponsored by Occupy Gainesville. Please come to a General Assembly, or write to the process working group for more information.

    Contact: directaction [at]

  • [This group seems to be deprecated due to lack of involvement and interest; if you would like to help organize some discussions, write to process [at]] The purpose of the Discussion Working Group is to create a moderated, consensus-based forum for discussion on any and everything. We will try to refrain from introducing new proposals and instead focus on working out the details of tabled or blocked ones, thus expediting the General Assembly. Please attend our meetings, two hours before every GA at the same location as the GA.

    Contact: discuss [at]

  • Responsible for keeping records of donations, helping food & blankets make it to where they can be most useful, plus reaching out to the community for donations (monetary, print materials, food, etc…) to help support Occupy Gainesville initiatives.

    Contact: donation [at]

  • Provides educational discussion-based workshops on topics such as anti-consumerism, the banking system, money in politics, Occupy in other cities/countries, legalities of protesting/knowing your rights, etc.

    Contact: education [at]

  • To nourish the bodies and spirits of those who are dedicating their energies to the Occupation, with priority towards those who are struggling with homelessness or joblessness. We collect, prepare, and deliver (by bike) healthy food and drink, and staff a well-stocked first aid tent in the Downtown Plaza. We request the support of the Donations Committee, and want our efforts to be promoted by the Recruiting Committee – we are interested in the citizens who support this movement, but do not necessarily want to be downtown in the thick of it.

    Contact: food [at]

  • Responsible for maintaining contact with other Occupy movements in order to emulate successful tactics, share strategies and information, and keep OG informed of the status of other Occupations.

    Contact: interoccupy [at]

  • Responsible for maintenance of the official Gainesville website, Facebook, and Twitter Google Plus and Tumbler. Main source for disseminating news to GGA members quickly.

    Contact: internet [at]

  • Responsible for researching and disseminating knowledge about the rights of protesters and marchers, local laws regarding permits and sound amplification, etc.

    Contact: legal [at]

  • Responsible for collecting, archiving and disseminating information relevant to the movement in book, poetry, essay, journal, documentary, and news formats, as well as any other information which helps clarify the purpose of the occupation and the direction it should take.

    Contact: library [at]

  • This working group addresses both the tactical aspects of camping in the plaza, and the technical side of, for example, bodily functions. Logistics is also responsible for ensuring the physical security and safety of those in the plaza, especially at night.

    Contact: logistics [at]

  • Responsible for maintaining a live video stream of Occupy Gainesville events, and for publicizing OG events via press releases and statements.

    Contact: media [at]

  • Responsible for helping the General Assembly process to run smoothly and democratically. We meet one hour before the GA to choose roles, work on the agenda, and schedule consensus and facilitation workshops. Anyone who wishes to help the GA run more effectively is encouraged to attend or write us at the address below.

    Contact: process [at]

  • Responsible for documenting everything happening at GA meetings, GA decisions, and any occurrences at events including shifting attendance numbers, media coverage, etc.

    Contact: secretarial [at]

  • The strategy working group meets to set goals, for short-term and long-term: the next few months to the next few decades. We work to develop the diversity of the Occupy movement, in the context of a historical struggle for social justice in many communities. We discuss possible campaigns which can help to achieve our broader aims. Recently, we have been talking about activism around home foreclosures, organizing for the SouthEastern Regional Convergence of Occupations, and how to create sustainable long-term organizations.

    Contact: strategy [at]